Multiple Options to Help Achieve Your Goal

Send your own personalized fundraising letter

One of the time-tested methods to successfully raise funds for a cause is through a personal fundraising letter sent by an individual to her/his friends, family, colleagues and business associates. To make this task easier for our Drivers & Navigators, we have prepared a "fundraising form letter" which you may download by clicking the link below. Simply fill in the name and address of the recipient along with your name and contact information.  You can email it or and drop it in the mail. Feel free to modify and customize the content as you please.

Fundraising Form Letter

We can send your letters for you

Provide us with a list of contacts with addresses and we will work with you to personalize, prepare and either email or send your letters regular mail for you. To get started call or email the Foundation office:
514-369-2222 ext. 1305 │

Ask your network of friends, family & colleagues to support your initiative

In fundraising, it is a well-established truism that “people give to people.” The idea behind this is that most people are bombarded with requests to support a million and one “good causes,” so the deciding factor usually comes down to the person who is asking the donor for support and the relationship they have.

Email Blast

Emails can be a great way to introduce your fundraising project to potential supporters. They are very easy to do and effective in terms of reaching out to people.

Personalize It With Follow-Up Phone Calls

If you opt to send an email to some of your potential donors, it is very important to follow it up with a phone call directly from you. This adds the personal touch and encourages the person-to-person giving that is so important in a successful fundraising drive.

Customize your team’s page

Your team page is a great way to showcase you.  You can post photos and update your fundraising efforts.